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Mission Statement:

We are a Social Service Ministry that strives to increase the quality of life with every person that we serve: by collaborating with other agencies to create a valuable community partnership that complements the services we offer.
About Us:

TP Family Social Services is an extension of Turning Point Family Worship Center that has been established to help our community and church family in times of need. We provide assistance with resources and referrals to our community partners. In addition, we provide limited counseling services to our church families when experiencing difficult times.

We are a service that strives to help those in need and those who may not have anywhere else to turn, for guidance or help.

Giving Back:

Our goal is to make a difference by serving those in need. We feel there is great fulfillment in giving back to others. Therefore, if a request for Social Services has been made twice within the last calendar year before receiving assistance, you may be requested to join one of our community partners in mentoring and or volunteer at our Food and Clothing pantry. 

Intake Process:

Please complete a brief Request for Assistance form below. Once the form has been completed, you can schedule an available time to meet for assistance.  If a request for services has been made more than once per the calendar year, Social Services may request your help in the future with a volunteer opportunity. 

Services we offer:
Services we offer:
When requesting assistance, please allow 48-72 hours for a response. If the need is emergent please complete the request form and email


Complete the form

Intake Sheet: Please complete the request for assistance and someone will return your call or email within 24-48 business hours.

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